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In 2016, our dear friends Annie and Carol retired from their 30+ years plant service career and entrusted their legacy to Wenfloral.  Through our plant service, we implement feng shui and other ancient Chinese wisdom to improve qi in a given space. For thousands of years, the Chinese have used bontanicals (herbs) to cure sickness. We are humbled to use the name botanical service and hope that it will bring you a space filled with good energy and peace of mind.  

Living in this ever evolving world and fast-paced environment, Wenfloral wants to provide an aesthetic that promotes balance, positive energy and feng shui to your home and office.  The presence of live plants can greatly assist one to find inner peace and tranquility. Studies have shown that exposure to greenery can produce psychological benefits, reduce stress and improve concentration.

Our comprehensive service includes design, installation and monthly maintenance. We offer free estimates and complimentary consultation (if you use our service for one year).  We currently serve the Los Angeles and Orange county area.  

Along with private estates, some of our corporate clientele include the following:

*Hollywood Production Centers

*Arch Insurance 

*National TeleConsultants LLC

*The Hats Restaurant

*The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation