Wenforal is a design studio run by husband and wife team, Steve Lei and Jamie Wen.

Steve is the heart, handling day to day operations and making sure the rhythm of the studio is steady. He ensures that all the details are squared away so that the big day is always seamless and organized. He also makes sure the team is feeling good and nourished!

Jamie is the creative soul and mind behind all the designs, finding inspiration in nature and her travels. Although she is a true #bosslady she is gentle in spirit and generous with her time (and farmers market finds).

Since 2008, Jamie and Steve have been creating beautiful celebrations with the approach that each event deserves as much attention and care as the next. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation lei, holiday arrangement or sympathy bouquet, they are grateful to be part of days that hold so much meaning.

Follow along on their journey as they explore and create!